Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why don't just try it???

How many of you all are playing the Bursa Pursuit contest??? Which is a game that provide you Rm250.000 for trading share organized by Bursa and some sponsors OSK, RHB, HoleongB and so on... I forgot what else company already.... Whatever la!!! This game is absolutely same as real trading, we can buy or sell whatever share that we like!!!! At the end of this contest the first three ranker will be given a big prize!!! Alright!!! I've play it for three days, and so far I earned about Rm30000++ of course not real money la!!!! I was fucking busy on buying and selling my shares when the market is open!!! I really feel like I am playing as real trading!!!! It makes me so "gang jong" every day!!! SO I always check the market when I was studying at college see whether my share got any changes or not!!!

Alright that is what I want to tell u guys now... today when I was checking the market by using my friend's laptop( cos I do not have laptop). Then suddenly, someone at the back there start talking cock whit his buddies!!! At the first, I didn't bother what he's talking, after a few minutes I realized that he was talking about the Bursa Pursuit! So I automatically go and ask does him play it as well?? He said, No!!! this such of thing can not play one!!! I asked why?? He said do you know how many expert are joining this context?? I said I do not know, I just knew that there are 110000 members now!!! Then he replied me you are not able to get the prizes la!!! so hard one!!! I said I do not bother how many expert are playing this game and I also do not care am I able to get the prizes!! I just like to play it and have fun!!!! Then he Diam Diam!!!!

Do you know what??? Many people do not like to try something new that they think that's mission impossible or something that they do not like it!!! I wonder why don't you just give it a try, maybe you can do it later! or you might learn something new from it!!! sometime people do not like to get in touch with new things!!! such as food, clothes, hair style, people, places, environment! I tell you what... You have to try some new food, so that you will know which is delicious! You have to try different clothes for your working or study! You have to change a new hair style when someone said it is lousy! You have to meet new people when you move to a new environment! You can not leading without changing these for you entire life!!! Try it then you will know whether it is good or not!!! You never try!!! you never know!!! Because of the lest member die in accident, so you are the Bursa Pursuit winner at the end of contest, who knows??? Hahaha Abang just try it la!!!!

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