Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Cell Phone!!!

I've tagged by Kenneth!!! This week, this is the second time that people tag me! Actually, I force Kenneth do this haha!!! I am so bad... If you can see this is my N70!!! Sorry for the low resolution!! Because It was taken by my Mashi Maro web cam!!! I have no choice, cos no money to buy a new digital camera!!!

So [3point8] [Spookygrace] [Jamilla] [Cherry] Please show me your cool hand phone!!!


Cherry said...

Haha, I had done your tag! Come my site to check it out! =)

3POINT8 said...

Tag Done!
Say, care to exchange links?

Darren10 said...

[cherry] well done cherry!!![3poin8] of course!! I will add you later on!!!

JaMiLLa said...


Thanks for tagged me thiss!!! COOL!!! Last week one of my frend had been tagged by thiss....then i wish i can do this too!!!!

And this week u tag me for thiss!! Thanks!!! Will show it this week!!!