Tuesday, August 28, 2007

South Korea Looking to Build Robot Land

A couple days ago, just heard about the new that Japanese plan to build the tallest building in the world!! Now there is another country created a amazing idea which is to Build Robot Land!!!

South Korea is well-aware of their plight and has announced plans to build "Robot Land" -- a city entirely created for the robotics industry. The city will feature facilities for research, development, and production of robots -- it'll even have a stadium for robot-related competitions, like the much-heralded "Who Can Malfunction And Kill Everyone First" contest.

The project will cost $530 million dollars and will begin construction sometime in 2009 -- which is also the year North Korea begins construction on their very own "Crazy Killer Robot Land" -- a land that may or may not have nuclear weapons.

The World's Most Gorgeous Super-Computer

This is the 9th biggest supercomputer in the world, MareNostrum. It also happens to be the most gorgeous supercomputer in the world, installed in a former chapel with acres of glass and steel. It belongs to the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and is polished daily by hundreds of groveling grad students. Probably.

It has 10,240 CPUs, 20TB of RAM, 280TB of disk storage and runs on SUSE Linux. It can compute at 62.63 teraflops, with a peak performance of 94.21 teraflops, making it the most powerful computer in Europe.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Complicated + Funny = Maths

What a tire day!!!

Today morning, I woke up at 10 something. After that automatically go and open my computer!!! When I was searching something online, suddenly I heard somebody shot at outside! Then I went to opened my door and see who is barking outside. OMG!!! There are my grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and my cousin!!! I really get a shock! Then I quickly invited them came into my house! After 30 minutes of our gathering, I finally know that they are came Kl for presenting my cousin's Degree graduation at Wisma MCA!!! Well, after that we went to have our brunch first!!! and then we just straight went to KLCC!!! Spent about half and hour at KLCC, then we went to KL Tower by Taxi, It cost us rm15 for each Taxi.(we take two taxi) When we arrived at KL Tower, I saw many people here, because there is a event organized by Malaysia government for improve the spirit of Visit Malaysia 2007!!! There are many activities holding here for instance, Flying Fox, concert and parachute!! Of course, we went up to the top of KL Tower too. So, before we came back home, we had our dinner at Sri Petaling. We ordered many meal!!! eat till I could not breath!!! Finally I reached my home now!!! I am very very very TIRED now. I hope that someone can give me a massage service like below!!!

Californian Massage - video powered by Metacafe

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Why do we need a friend??? And, how do we define Friendship??? it is unexplainable, abstract, uncountable so on and so on........... But I can make it easy...

Friendship is sharing a bed and Sleep Together...

Friendship can be a simple Smile ^_^

Friendship can be Power too...

Sometime, It could be very COOOOOOOOOOOL !!!

Friendship need to show some Respect , so that can last forever...

Friendship has to Show Our Fingers....+_+

Sometime It looks Crazy and Silly haha.......

But, That is what I call Friendship!!!

Let's keep our Earth green!!!

Everybody are talking about Global Warming now, It is really a serious case that occurring around us. We have to face this problem seriously and look for the solutions. Today I would like to introduce you a way that can keep your place GREEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

You could get a USB Greenhouse to give some life to your computer, or you could go the cheaper, grosser route of just growing some plants in your keyboard.

Seriously... I won't do this stupid thing...haha

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Japan Plan For World's Tallest Building

Inspired by Mount Fuji, Taisei Construction Corporation has completed designs for construction of the world's tallest building. The X-Seed 4000 (no idea where that came from) would stand at approximately 13,123 feet (4 km), nearly 700 feet (213 m) taller than the real Mount Fuji. The next tallest buildings don't even break 2,000 feet, how puny! While likely to never be built, the X-Seed would have up to 800 floors, and be capable of housing between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Transformers MP3 Player

Hooray! We've got our paws on Takara Tomy's Transformers MP3 player, which really transform. This thing is so good and it's the only MP3 player you need. Oh, it's available in two colors, blue for Frenzy and white for Rumble

Monday, August 20, 2007

Astro Technologenius

Information and communication technologies (ICT) has come so far in improving our lives and Astro is looking for Technologeniuses who can push the boundaries even further. If you have a brilliant, original or innovative idea on ICT and how it can help better your life and our community, this is your chance to share your idea.

Only the five most brilliant ideas will be selected. If your idea gets selected Astro will fly you to Geneva, Switzerland for the Global Forum on Youth and ICT.
The winners will be announced at a press conference which will be followed with an Astro Technologenius Festival on the 11th of September 2007.

Astro will produce the five winning ideas in a video presentation for you to show during the Global Forum on Youth and ICT taking place on the 24th-26th September. On top of this, the winners will also spend a few more days exploring the sights and sounds of Geneva till the 2nd of October.

For more information please log on Here

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Negarakuku vs Singapore

I think all of you might know this song, this is a famous song that all Malaysian always discuss recently. Someone make this song with English subtitle, so let's enjoy it again...

A couple days ago I saw this from a blogger site. This is this time, I would like to present you Singapore version of National anthem..

Proton Persona = Gen 2 second edition???

Three days ago, is the launch of Proton Persona. Proton has taken steps to ensure the Proton Persona is what the customer wants, not what the management wants. Many models clinics and surveys have been conducted to ensure market acceptance. It’s basically a GEN2 with a boot. Other than the tail lamps, the entire car from the B-pillar onwards has been reworked. This is 167mm longer than the Proton GEN2, and 12mm longer than the Proton Waja. The boot is a respectable 430 liters in size, which is larger than the toyota Vios at 400 liters. Below is the video clip of the launch of Proton Persona.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Haiz... what a terrible day... this morning when I was working in my office, then suddenly felt not so good. After a few minutes I am not feeling better, even more worse... Now I am resting at home, after ate some medicine, but still feel quite hard, I think, I'm gonna work haft day for tomorrow. By the way, I would like to inform you all I am going to watch badminton match tomorrow at Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium haha, it so close to my house...haha after finish working then just straight away go to there... see you there^_^


YOGA hehe..

Alright it is late now, I need to rest more, so I just stop here. Bye guys and good night... see you tomorow!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Place For Men to Park their Manhood

Hello, I would like to introduce this furniture to all guys. Not being exactly equipped to pass judgment on this fine piece of furniture, perhaps I should leave it to you lot in the comments.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Giant Universal Remote!!!

If, like me, you have the condition known as sausage finger, then you'll know the pain of punching more than one button at a time on a remote. At 5.5x8.5x2.25 inches, and with buttons 3/4 inch square, this giant universal remote should solve that problem. It uses 4 AA batteries

Monday, August 13, 2007

I AM Back!!!

Hello everybody!!! I am back!! Sorry for last few days ago, I did not uploaded my blog because I was having my holidays at Cameron Highlands, just finish my trip yesterday. Before I get back to KL, I went to Ipoh also gather with my secondary school's friends! and also to attend the 夏日八度演唱会 at "Ipoh Big Padang" Have you guys been there too?? Please leave me a comment if you were there!!!

First of all, we had our gathering at a romantic restaurant!!!

Desmond, Darren and Dickson haha all start from D

Alright now, I would like to show you some of the pictures that I took at the "夏日八度演唱会" concert!!!

Crazy Rock Zone A ticket

Information board

Mobile toilet ^_^ haha let us go in and take some picture by the way do something you must do it daily.


So small!!! Hard to Aim zzz

Wow the stage very nice!!!
^-^we was exciting there^_^

My camera cant zoom to much so it looks blur blur zzz