Wednesday, February 27, 2008

She Is A.P.P.L.E!!!

Nowadays, blog is getting famous and famous. There are many bloggers surfing the internet every day. Actually "blog" came from Web log!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I am graduated!!!!

Oh yeah!!! I am graduated, as you can see I am the handsome guy in the picture. Haha... I am so happy now! I am not going to study anymore!!! No assignments, No tests, No Exam, No Final assignment!!! Haha I am just joking. Alright actually it was my sister's graduation day! We went to her ceremony at Nikko hotel yesterday!!! Here are some picture taken by yesterday!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Earn $0.25 for every single person that you refer (The Death of NetworkMarketing)

Hi Again...

I just got an email about Ellie Drake's and Mike Filsaime's Free Report called - "The Death of NetworkMarketing"

I will admit, like you may also be feeling now, that I thought it was some hyped up offer to get me to buy something...... Turns out I was wrong. Way wrong. The bottom line is, this report really opened my eyes that Network Marketing may be dying. When I read this, I immediately thought of sharing it on my blog!

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I recommend you take a break from whatever it is you are doing if you can and get access to this report now.

P/S : Click here to view the similar program that I posted in my blog!(Expired)


Monday, December 3, 2007

Ater 14 weeks (MMA Project)

Yeah!!! Finally I have done my Multimedia Project's Characters design!!! These three guys will integrate with my Flash system project. The story of my flash is "AFTER 14 WEEKS" This is the first time I create a flash project! I am sure it will be very nice and funny!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

WidgetBucks Offer International CPM Ads

I think this is the best news that every bloggers would like to hear about it! Two weeks ago, I took down all the WeidgetBicks ads from my blog, it's because, they only offer CPC for US and Canada resident only! But today, I just received an email from WidegetBucks, they are going to offer International CPM Ads for non US and Canada residents! That sound cool isn't it??? Now we can start making money with WidgetBucks! This will take place in early December! So I am going to put back my WidgetBusck into my blog! How about you?? If you want to know more information about it, please visit WidgetBicks official Blog

Puchong Newway!!!

A couple days ago, I was rushing all my assignment for Apiit. There three assignments have to submit within two weeks. One is programming, one is Multimedia, and the other one is Computer Architecture. It was so amazing! I mean my life within these two weeks, I only sleep 4 or 5 hours per days for these two weeks. The Multimedia, require us to draw a story board in our documentation, what the hell is that? We are just like studying art in Lim Kok Weng! Draw ler!!! You know my drawing skill is like shit. Now you ask me go and draw a storyboard like a comic!!! My goodness!!! But finally I did it! Although my drawing skill is not that good, but I am still satisfy with it! So how about the programming part? Actually the module is called DBDS, something like Database structure, we need to implement our program by using C! This is so tough for me! My hair become white color after I complete the program! Computer Architecture is quite easy, just need to do some research online, and you know lah BLUFF!!! the is important! I finished it within four hours!!!

Alright, after completed all our assignments! My friends and I decide to go somewhere have fun and relax. So finally my friend suggest to go karaoke at Puchong Newway! That's sound cool! I mean I never been to Karaoke, and I like singing too. This is the best chance to let me spear out all my stress and also show people my singing skill...hahaha I am just joking, actually I really can not sing well. One of my friend say my (五音不全) means my sound is like a Crow!!! How dare he said that!!! Don't he knows my brother is JJ (林俊杰)^_^

Ok let's get back to the tittle, we depart from Bukit Jalil at 7.30 something, when we turn into the highway, this was what we saw! Terrible traffic jam!!!

Finally, we reached Newway around 8:15 . Suppose we only need to take about 15 minutes to reach here! Because of traffic jam, so we were late, and I felt so hungry! When we stepped in to the building, I saw there are many different kind of food!! Sushi, Hotdog, Steak, Fish, Crab, Bread, Ice-cream, Dim sum, Noodle, Cakes, Satay so on and so on! This time, I really can not tahan anymore! I faster went to take a plate and start robing my favorite!!!

This was what we've had for our dinner at that night! Actually there more plates there, because of the waiter there is so hard working, always came into our room and collect those plates! So when our stomach were full, we start Singing (Choung K, this vocabulary created by cisco)!! You know what, the moment I start to sing, I really can not stop myself! just like a machine gun Bang!!! Bang !!! Bang !!! Non stop!!! Unbelievable!!!

From the left: Cisco (my classmate+friend+cousin), Elaine (just know her for a couple days, sipeh gao eat), Jeniffer (Jeff's girlfriend, very quiet =_=), Yuki (same as Elaine, new intake from Apiit, sipeh gao sing), Me ^_^

After took some pictures, we decided to take some different style of picture! Ultraman is here!!! Cisco, your pose look so lame =_=

Wow!!! so kawwayi, actually we want girls to pretend Ultraman, but they said the pose is so ugly, then no choice lor, Cisco said he volunteers to become Ultraman!

This picture is funny too, look at Jeff, He is so pro to pretend anybody! Alright! that is all!!!