Friday, October 26, 2007

A message from my best friend

This afternoon I went to lowyat plaza bought a LCD monitor for my mother! She has been using a very lousy CRT Monitor. So she decided to change a better monitor, so that it won't harm her eyes anymore... On the way to lowyat plaza. I received a forward message from my best friend, Nang!!! I think you all might not know who is he! I have post some picture that taken with him last time!!!The first guy, count from right hand side!, he is one of my best friend Nang. Or you might look at this picture to see more clearly about him!!!

Alright, let get back to the message that I mention before. When I was looking at the message I really get a shock!!! It really impressed me....Check it out below!!!

命运诺让你迷路,是为了让你找到新的路! 命运诺让你迷失,是为了让你更加醒觉!

Ya, that's it!!! For those who do not know how to read Chinese, I am sorry, I've tried to translate it, but my English was so poor!!! Can someone help me translate this to English!!!


3POINT8 said...

WoW! your friend can set up a stall and be a fortune teller dy!

maike said...

which one is you...?
standing in the middle?

Darren10 said...

[3point8] haha he is a direct sales.... so that is why, his mind always comes up such things..

[maike] hehe you guess la, guess correctly got prise!!!!