Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a lucky day!!!

Last weekend, Cisco(my cousin) and I went to National Stadium to attend a Chinese event called"《扎根50载 携手创未来》文化大汇演"! We departed from my home at 6:00, we thought it was still too early, who knows, we saw there are many many cars and people around there when we reached there! So we faster rush to the main entrance. At first we thought that this event is free of charges, everybody can simply go in and go out, unfortunately, when the moment when step into the entrance, suddenly there is a staff asking us where is our ticket...Oh my god... We just standing there and our mind was blank. Fortunately, someone step forward and gave us two VIP ticket!!! Wow what a kind man!!! We love you man!!! So finally, we successfully entered into the stadium!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

A message from my best friend

This afternoon I went to lowyat plaza bought a LCD monitor for my mother! She has been using a very lousy CRT Monitor. So she decided to change a better monitor, so that it won't harm her eyes anymore... On the way to lowyat plaza. I received a forward message from my best friend, Nang!!! I think you all might not know who is he! I have post some picture that taken with him last time!!!The first guy, count from right hand side!, he is one of my best friend Nang. Or you might look at this picture to see more clearly about him!!!

Alright, let get back to the message that I mention before. When I was looking at the message I really get a shock!!! It really impressed me....Check it out below!!!

命运诺让你迷路,是为了让你找到新的路! 命运诺让你迷失,是为了让你更加醒觉!

Ya, that's it!!! For those who do not know how to read Chinese, I am sorry, I've tried to translate it, but my English was so poor!!! Can someone help me translate this to English!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog Of The Month

Oh weekend is coming again... I hate weekend!!! If you are my loyal reader then you should know why... Today my class ended at 5!!! After attending the Ajax software talk, I felt so tired...when I reach home, the first thing I did was go and open my blog see whether there are people leave me a message or not... Yeah!!! I got an award from Wilson which is (Blog of the Month)!!! Cool man!!! Thanks Wilson!!!

So now, it is my turn to choose somebody as the "Blog Of The Month"

1) Apple, . A 23-year-old ordinary girl stay at Kuching, Malaysia! I already forgot when I saw this blog! But one thing I can confirm is, she is one of my loyal reader!!!

2)Cherry, she is Apple's sister! Both of them just move their blog from Blogger to Wordpress! And also having their own doiman and hosting now. I like the design of her blog, she is a creative girl!!!

3)Kenneth, a very handsome blogger that I meet for a couple weeks ago!!! We always play dota together, he is so "noob" who play dota before must know what is "noob" stand for. We learn from each other, sometime I help you, sometime he helps me! You know what I mean la Kenneth don't you???

4)Jamilla, a Female blogger from Philippine, we still do not know much from each other!!! But I know that she can speak many languages, for instance, English, Malay, Chinese, Hokkien, and of course her country's language!!!

For those who I didn't mention here doesn't mean I don't like you. It is because I lazy to list out all the blogger... I apologize here!!! Again Happy Blogging!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yeah!!! I got my new Laptop!!!

Hey guys, I am sorry, I seldom update my blog in these few days! I was talking about my Cell Phone and My Wallpaper last week!!! Now I am going to show you my new laptop!!! Here are some of the shots!!! Check it out!!!

DELL Vostro 1500

These are the spec that I'd chosen!!! The processor is Core 2 Dua 1.6 , 2G Ram and Nvida 8400GS! Basically all the all are average!! But I get it very cheap, because of there was a Hari Raya promotion when I ordered it!!! The list of the spec is showing below:


Q521010V - Dell Vostro 1500 Notebook





Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T5470



1.6GHz, 2MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB



Label (Dual Core & Intel Wireless)



Genuine Windows Vista(R) Business - with AERO experience



Genuine Windows Vista(R) Business 32 bit (English) DVD Media Included



Vista(R) HTML Guide Included



Dell(TM) PC-Restore Software



PC Restore will occupy some HDD capacity.



The capacity varies with preloaded material and operating environment.



Dell(TM) Wireless 355 Bluetooth ModuleÂ



Vista(R) Welcome



15.4" Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) TFT Display with TrueLife(TM)



2GB (2 X 1024MB) 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM



80GB SATA Hard Drive



Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities



Roxio Creator 9.0



NVIDIA(R) GeForce(TM) 8400M GS with 128MB GDDR2 dedicated graphic memory



No webcam option



Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945 Dual Band 802.11a/g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card



9-cell 85Whr Lithium Ion Primary BatteryÂ



Belkin Sling Bag Fits up to 15.4" Screen (Colour: Chocolate/Blue)



90W Primary AC Adapter (110V/220V)



Microsoft(R) Works 8.5 (Does Not Include Microsoft(R) Office 2003/2007 Software)



Word Processor/Spreadsheet/Database/Calendar/Powerpoint viewer/Email Tools



No Security Trialware



1 Year CompleteCover



1 Year Plus Phone Support: Mon-Fri 0900-2100, Sat 0900-1600



1-Year Limited Warranty (Next Business Day Service - parts & labour)



Dell Network Assistance - 12 Months Subscription



Integrated Stereo Sound



Online Bonus - RM500 Instant Cash Redemption



Free Upgrade from 1GB to 2GB Memory



Free Delivery



Online Bonus - RM100 Instant Cash Redemption



Discount is only valid if the corresponding upgraded item is selected above.



Limited time promotional offer only. No further discounts apply.



Vostro(TM) Handling & Insurance Charges(Malaysia)



Inspiron(TM) Delivery Charges (West Malaysia)






Dell(TM) Support



Mod Specs Info (Malaysia)



Dell(TM) Support Center 1.0



8-in-1 media card reader



Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet



Internal 56K Modem



RJ-11 Modem cable (AP)



Dell(TM) Media Direct



Approx. 2.0GB of HDD space will be allocated to Dell Media Direct.


I just received it in this afternoon!!! I am very very happy now!! I could throw my CRT Monitor away and using my new laptop to blog every day!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I am so excited!!! Do you guys feel jealous??? HAHAHA!!! forgive me.... I am mad now.....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Wallpaper

Oh Yeah!!! This is the third time I have been tagged by blogger in this week!!! This time, Nicholas ask me show him my wallpaper!!! Alright that's it!!

My Cell Phone!!!

I've tagged by Kenneth!!! This week, this is the second time that people tag me! Actually, I force Kenneth do this haha!!! I am so bad... If you can see this is my N70!!! Sorry for the low resolution!! Because It was taken by my Mashi Maro web cam!!! I have no choice, cos no money to buy a new digital camera!!!

So [3point8] [Spookygrace] [Jamilla] [Cherry] Please show me your cool hand phone!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Blogging!!! 100th post!!!!

I've been tagged by Jamilla, she wants me to tell her that why I blog??? Oh that is a very good question!!! I never expected that someone will ask me this question, so Why I Blog? Alright, It is very simple.

I blog because I love to meet new friends around the world! I blog because I would like to make some pocket money, so that I can buy you something next time! I blog because I want you to know my little story! I blog because I love to share cool stuff with you! I blog because I want you to know I am not silly or dump, I'm not self-fish, I'm not ugly, I'm not supercilious!!! I am a Blogger!!! I start blogging since since June 2007, and so far this is my 100th post!!! I am proud of Blogger!!!

Alright these five blogger please take note here tell everybody why you blog!!!
(Mai-Ke) (ToMCat) (Apple) (Jianz) (Jess)

**Start Copy Here**

We have a voice;
We must be heard;
Therefore we blog;
Now spread the word!

This meme is based on a recent post that was conducted asking the question “Why do you Blog?” and the rewrite “Why do you Blog? - Reworked.” The purpose of this meme is to tell our tales by spreading the reasons that we blog to as many sites as possible. We get to explain ourselves, direct traffic to our site and highlight our most important, most representative or most relevant post in an SEO favorable format. This will be a positive experience for everyone who wants to get involved. This will enable you to create a short advertisement for your site that will be spread across the blogesphere; a growing directory of blogs.

This is an open meme. You do not have to be tagged to join in. All you have to do is follow the rules.

Please let me know when you have added your site by leaving a comment on “Complete List” with a link to your post. This will insure an up-to-date list, giving you even greater distribution. You then have the option of copying the growing list back to your site.

- Create an inventive post title
-Write a brief introduction to the meme.
- Copy from “**Start Copy Here**” through “**End Copy Here**”
- Paste into your post
- At the end of the “*list*”, before “**End copy here**”, please add your name, site name (with link), a very brief description (2-3 sentences) of why you blog, and your most important, most representative, or most relevant post (with link.)
- Tag at least 5 others to participate.
- Leave a comment and a link to your post on “Complete List


My name is Mel and I am the Author of Attitude, the Ultimate Power, aka Monday Morning Power. I blog because I am passionate about happiness and living in the moment. I want to spread the concept that we are in control of our own lives and can choose how we act and react. My site is focused on the Pursuit, Capture, Care and Feeding of a Positive Mental Attitude. One of my most representative posts is “Happiness Vs. Human Nature.

I am Max and I offer weekly articles on MAX. Why do I blog? I do it because I want to share my thoughts with you guys. I present a new and interesting way of transmitting philosophical thoughts: funny, engaging and intriguing! My funniest, yet intriguing, post is "Don't you just love People?"

I am the Great and Powerful Baba Doodlius. My 100% factual blog The Thoughts and Sayings Of Baba Doodlius is intended to educate all of you curious readers about the Truth behind the Great Secrets of the Universe. I have the Truth! Can you handle the Truth? For a sample of my powers of enlightenment, read my Revelation of the terrible secret of Bigfoot, aka Don't get stepped on.

My name is Amelia and I am the Author of Amel's Realm. I blog because I need to voice everything in my world so that I won't explode. My site is all about thoughts, experiences, fears, problems, misadventures, hopes, and dreams of an introverted tropical girl in a foreign land (Finland). One of my most representative posts is On Trust and Relationship.

I am Geoff of and I blog for reasons as diverse and as fickle as my moods. Mostly I blog because I'm firmly convinced I've figured a few things out and that the world will benefit from my experience the same way I've benefited from others' experiences. One post that I feel captures my emotional involvement and my ire (but not my humor as much) is Decision time.

My name is Judy and I am the Author of ~~Sugar Queen's Dream~~. I blog because it's cheap therapy and I have something to say. I feel my most powerful post is called “The Myths of Smoking......

My name is Sindi and I have written a blog entitled Life is a roller coaster!. My blog is based on the ups and downs of everyday life. I started blogging because I was going through some hard times and I wanted to meet new people to talk to. I like to write and was hoping people might enjoy reading what I have to say. I think the most inspiring post I have written to date is We Effect So Many.

People call me the Midgetmanofsteel (although I’m neither a midget, nor made of steel). I am the sole author the blog Mental Poo: a mostly true and humorous account of things that have happened to me, are happening to me, or are just filling my head and taking up valuable space where images of women should be. You can get a sneak peek into my mess of a brain by reading “Raisins are People” – a true account of my son’s first field trip.

My name is Sandee and I have a blog called Comedy Plus. My blog is just for fun, and I started it to poke fun about everyday life. My reason for blogging is to have fun and meet new friends. I have done both beyond my wildest dreams. I have posted lots of jokes, but when ask what my favorite joke is, I always pick Anger Management.

My name is Lynda. I blog to as a way to expose my writings and to spread my knowledge on the subject of love. My primary blog (I have 15) is lynda's loft. My favorite piece would be I LOVE..... I have over 300 original poems and posts dealing with the wonderful and painful world of love. I love love!

My name Adrian, although most of you probably know me as the Mighty Genie King. I am the author First Time Dad. I started blogging as a way to document my growing up pains as my wife and I raise our daughter. I hope that one day my daughter will be able to look at this and get an idea what life was like "back then". Now I blog about everything but the main focus is still the same! One of my favorite posts is Goodnight Sweetheart! Hello Basil! Eh...Who's Basil...

Hello, my name is Ann and I'm the author of A Nice Place in the Sun. I blog because I care about people and want to make them happy. My site is focused on humorous, inspiring, and nostalgic posts about life, children, and memories. My most representative post, or the post where I'm most myself is "The Craziest Experience Of My Life."

We are a team of writers, and everyone calls us NAFA, so that would be our name. We are the proud authors of NAFASG©™ - United And Dedicated Behind You™. Blogging, to us, is a form of spreading useful information and sharing our knowledge to every part of the world in order to contribute to the betterment of our global community. The post that we feel would be representative of our blog and the global community at large is The Sociological Interaction.

Hola! This is Mariuca and I blog because writing is what makes me whole. I write about anything under the sun from life, love, friends to cats and work. I tend to write best when under pressure and my personal favourite post from Mariuca is Love in Disarray.

My name is Susan and I am the Owner of ~~Wake up America ~~, which is a political, right leaning blog. I blog because I believe we need more voices out there to separate fact from fiction, to support our troops and to high light the lack of ethics from journalists today. I feel my most powerful post is called "Are You Proud to be an American......"

"Here I am :-) My name is Mauro and I'm the author of 1 Million Love Messages ... maybe the biggest love challenge in the blogosphere. Why I blog ??? Because I believe that bloggers can make a difference in the world. That's my challenge! My favourite post it's (for sure) Adam Donkus & Lizzie's Love History."

Hi there World I am Aussie, the author of Little Aussie Cynic and I want to Breathe among others. I was recently asked:"Why Do you Blog?" this takes me back to the beginning... I started blogging in an attempt to get people thinking, using my cynical humour as a tool to make people laugh, think and at times get the blood pumping.... Each of my Blogs takes in a little peice of my varied personality but the one which discribes me best would have to be There is Always a Natural Way the latest edition to the Aussie Cynic Family...

I am Zubli Zainordin, in Total Happiness, I organize the Book Project blog and co-author Santa's Community Blog and Hall Of Fame Blog. I blog with the purpose of documenting about my self for my own reference, my future generations and friends who prefer to know me. I also share vital and valuable information entirely on total happiness. I believe in Santa Claus and I share the Spirit of Christmas within this Blog World. In addition I promote bloggers, their blogs, and invite them to share their blogging experiences, and together with Shinade, I review their blogs and award them with the Zubli and Shinade Recommended Read awards. Those who continuously show continuous blogging improvements shall be residence of the Hall Of Fame blog.

Hi, My name is Janice Ng & I'm the miracle mum from "This is a miracle". I started to blog to document the foot steps of my 2 boys : Amos & Zachary. With this blog, they are able to look back what they have been through: their joy, excitement, laughter, fighting, crying, screaming... etc when they grow up. One of my favourite post is "The loving brothers" on how the 2 brothers showed they tenderly care through a piece of strawberry cake!!

The internet world knows me by LadyJava. My first blog, "how to make money online" was actually the reason why I started blogging. I wanted to share to the world that I was making online share my experience about it. However I enjoyed blogging so much that the habit quickly caught on and I began writing a few other blogs as well. This blog, however, is by far my favorite blog as I've made many friends from all over the world and I continue blogging as an avenue for me to share my life with friends and would-be friends. My favorite post is "Coffee and Me" as I am officially a coffee addict.

Ohaiyo! My name is Jean Chia from A Great Pleasure. I started blogging around end March 2007. My earlier intention was to store my recipes permanently online while it is accesible anywhere in this world. As I blog, I met many new interesting peoples around the world. It was truly a great pleasure to know them and I am honored to award them in Award For You, My Great Friend. One of my favourite post is my first post which was about my niece : First "Ah Yi". Now, blogging seems to me as a way to express myself freely. It has been a joyful experience and I'll blog for as long as I can.

I am Karen, writer of the blog, Journey with WaterLearner. My blog documents my humble journey of Awareness and Practical Spirituality. I am glad to have found many like-minded buddies in the blogosphere. I was the humble servant of the Spiritual Boot Camp for Say No Evil which was attended by 21 campers. Some of my favourite posts that might guide you to reflection are: The Pearl Within, Learn to Sink, Spiritual Facial & Uneasy Goodness.

Hello! My name is Emila and I run my own blog, Emila’s Illustrated Blog. I started blogging in Friendster, later moved to Blogspot and later later moved to my own domain for good. The main reason I blog is to update my friends about my daily life/my son’s development and to showcase my artworks. My favourite post is My Bundle of Joy.

Hello everyone, Watashi wa Kenneth des. Genki des ka?I started blogging with own hosting and domain is on 09-09-2007. My earlier purpose to blogging is to learning + relaxing + sharing + making friend.KennethZone is formed forLearning : learning english writing ( in my blog, you can know my english is very terrible)Relaxing : Using my free time for bloggingSharing : sharing my daily life, personal thought and etc to youMaking friend : make more friends.

My name is Jamilla a.k.a Jamy. What I Feel, I Just Blog is really my inner voice to tell anything that I am aware of in my life. I started blogging since June 2007, not long ago. I am happy that I can share and give love, happiness, caring and support through blogging together with a group of my bloggermates. My quote is "Make difference in your life by giving love, happiness, hope, joy, support and encouragement to the world!" The post that I really appreciate and respect myself is
Turn Blogging Into A Real World . My first step towards the difference and miracle to the people who is around me.

My name is Darren, Freedom Rider is my blog! I blog because I love to meet new friends around the world-wide! I blog because I would like to make some pocket money, so that I can buy you something next time! I blog because I want you to know my little story! I blog because I love to share cool stuff with you! I blog because I want you to know I am not silly or dump, I am not self fish, I am not ugly, I am not supercilious!!! I am a Blogger!!! That's it

**End Copy Here**

Successful withdraw money from Paypal!

If you are my loyal reader, then you must know that I would like to make money via blogging. In my previous post(Withdraw from Paypal? Malaysian Boleh) I talked about Malaysian can withdraw their money via several debit cards... A couple days ago, I log on to my paypal account and withdraw USD95 out. Today morning I online checked my Public bank account and I saw the money is credit in my account already. It took about 4 working days to process the payment, and also charge you USD5! Below is my Public bank account latest statement!

If you would like to know how to apply a Public bank debit card you can visit here!(KennyP) Chinese version or if you do not know how to read Chinese, then you might visit here (

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What happen to my Blog????????

Every time when I refresh my blog, then this situation will comes out!!! Oh my god!!! What the hell is going on!!! I have no idea why this occur on my blog... Can somebody tell me what is the problem??? Pls.....

Monday, October 15, 2007

I am a Cook!!!

My sister has been moving to Singapore for one month! I felt so unaccustomed when my life comes without her! Last time, she always prepared dinner for me, when the time of dinner, she was always there for me =_=" I am very happy having a sister that I can count on!

Now the life without her, I have to cook myself, and that's why I'm getting to become a pro cook now ^_^ show you some picture of my art!!! ^_^

White rice with an egg, A few hot dog, Red bean

Cinta Mee Goreng with an egg and hot dog

Fried rice with an egg and hot dog!! Don't ask me why always got egg and hot dog!!! I love to eat them very much!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Are you a Famous Blogger? Sorry, I am not yet!

I have been blogging for 5 months!!! It is not pretty long, but it's also not short!!! Let's see what I have done in my 5 months blogging life! Once I step in to blogging life! I found that blogging is an interesting stuff, we could spend our free time and start bluffing here, meet new bloggers around the world! You even can make some pocket money through blogging!! That's sound cool huh? There are many blogger make a huge money through blogging!!! Although I am not one of them, but I will keep moving forward!

Fun + Money = Blogging

In addition, I'm currently holding a blog contest! You stand a chance to win a Jordan Go* Toothbrush and USD5, feel free to join my contest!!! However, I realized that I am addicted to blogging!!! And I want to become a famous blogger in the future!!! So how to become a famous blogger? this is the common question that always asked by new blogger! Alright, I am going to show a very very simple way to become a famous blogger!

See I am not joking, there are only two ways to become a famous blogger ^_^!!! Ok!! Which one you prefer??? Choose now!! Source by (problogger)

Erm... if you think that it is too simple and silly for you, alright I am going to show you a harder one, check it out:

1. Look, read, and learn.
2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other.
3. Don’t let money change ya!
*4. Always reply to your comments.
5. Blog about what you know & love.
6. Don’t use filthy language-buy a dictionary.
7. Blog about something educational.
8. Be yourself; others will follow.
9. Don’t have too many blogs that will become a chore to maintain.
10. Keep it simple, user-friendly, interesting and organized!
*11. Keep the blog simple and sweet!!!
12. Share with others your thoughts and don’t be shy!
13. Never ask for link exchange. Blog hop to increase traffic.
14. Don’t clutter your blog with ads all over the place. IT’S IRRITATING.
15. Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Some looked too fake and its a big turn off!
16. Share something interesting and you will gain more readers.
17. Show that we care to all bloggers, treat each other as friends.
*18. Pictures say a million words. Keep them coming!
19. Blogging should be fun or you’ll get tired of it pretty soon.
20. Don’t think people will come to your blog if you’re not willing to pay a visit to them.
21. Everyone loves read short posting and best, illustrated with a picture.
22. Try not to publish more than 5 posts in one blog a day. Even if it’s from feed reader, it’s quite hard to digest and catch up reading everything.
23. Blog: the other window to peek into people’s life, minus the trouble. Keep a certain level of privacy to yourself.
24. Never tell your readers that you are going on vacation. That’s basically telling them to not visit your blog for a week. Instead, write several posts, and take advantage of the timestamp feature.
25. Try and write with people in mind that are “somewhat similar to you”. Allow your audience to identify with your blog and feel “at home”.
26. The key to a good article is a good introduction. A joke, a question or a picture does wonders.
*27. If you are looking to earn an income blogging read and, you will be amazed at what you can learn.
28. Write for yourself first. Remember that it takes time, effort, patience…and above all, daring. [The Laidback Buddhist]
*29. Enjoy what you write, so that reader can enjoy reading it too – Life’s Roller Coaster~
30. Try to use low resolution pic, low resolution template, low resolution everything, as you know the service of our lovely Screamyx! - 2.0 Silent Whisper
40. Try to update as often as you can, let’s say 1 post per day.

41. Keep Moving Forward!!! [Freedom Rider]

If you think this list is helpful, then you can copy it and star five your favorite, add your own tip and post it on your blog!!! Sharing is Caring!!! ^_^

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Freedom Rider contest! Win Jordan* Go Toothbrush and $5

I am currently addicted to blog contest! I found a lot of blog contests in these few days!What I can say is, it is very very awesome!!! Since a couple days ago I won $90 from Problogger. So, I decided to hold a contest too!!! I like traveling, so what I'm going to give away is a Travel pack Jordan* Go toothbrush, beside that I am going to give you $5 via Paypal and much more!!!

How to enter:
1) Just make a post on your blog/site with a quick and short review of Freedom Rider, and also mention about this contest!
You must link to this contest post in your blog post.
Then remember to leave a comment below with your link post URL.
The winner will be randomly selected.
This contest is open to Malaysian only!
This contest will be closed on November 10th midnight. The winner will be announced on next flowing day on Freedom Rider blog, and also I will send an inform email to the winner!

- Jordan* Go travel pack toothbrush(black/white)
- Jordan* Go Car sticker
- Cash USD5 (Send via Paypal)
Sunway water park 20% voucher (expired 31 March 2008)