Monday, October 8, 2007

ProBlogger $54 Birthday Bash!!! I won $90

A couple days ago, The ProBlogger Darren Rowse has launched a contest called PROBLOGGER $54,000 BIRTHDAY BASH!!! He was planning to give away over USD54,000 of cash and many many prizes!!!You might ask me how to enter this contest??? All you need to do is just leave your comment or some just need you write a review. The winner will be chosen randomly!!! Fortunately! I have been selected by him!!!I won USD90 from it just simply leave a comment!!! What a luck!!! If you guys don't believe what I am saying here, I can proof it with the Paypal statement here:

See I am not a lier! Thank you Darren Rowse!!! Hopefully there are still many such contests are coming in the future...


Mel said...

Rawr! Give me your money!!!

Darren10 said...

Haha!!! I can't give you the money la!!! Maybe I can share with you some tips about blogging!! Thank you!!