Friday, October 19, 2007

Successful withdraw money from Paypal!

If you are my loyal reader, then you must know that I would like to make money via blogging. In my previous post(Withdraw from Paypal? Malaysian Boleh) I talked about Malaysian can withdraw their money via several debit cards... A couple days ago, I log on to my paypal account and withdraw USD95 out. Today morning I online checked my Public bank account and I saw the money is credit in my account already. It took about 4 working days to process the payment, and also charge you USD5! Below is my Public bank account latest statement!

If you would like to know how to apply a Public bank debit card you can visit here!(KennyP) Chinese version or if you do not know how to read Chinese, then you might visit here (

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TenthOfMarch said...

I was told my the first staff that the fastest an application can be processed is 5 working days. However, it has been many many days now. Almost 2 weeks maybe? I lost count. My application isn't even entered into their system yet.