Friday, November 30, 2007

WidgetBucks Offer International CPM Ads

I think this is the best news that every bloggers would like to hear about it! Two weeks ago, I took down all the WeidgetBicks ads from my blog, it's because, they only offer CPC for US and Canada resident only! But today, I just received an email from WidegetBucks, they are going to offer International CPM Ads for non US and Canada residents! That sound cool isn't it??? Now we can start making money with WidgetBucks! This will take place in early December! So I am going to put back my WidgetBusck into my blog! How about you?? If you want to know more information about it, please visit WidgetBicks official Blog

Puchong Newway!!!

A couple days ago, I was rushing all my assignment for Apiit. There three assignments have to submit within two weeks. One is programming, one is Multimedia, and the other one is Computer Architecture. It was so amazing! I mean my life within these two weeks, I only sleep 4 or 5 hours per days for these two weeks. The Multimedia, require us to draw a story board in our documentation, what the hell is that? We are just like studying art in Lim Kok Weng! Draw ler!!! You know my drawing skill is like shit. Now you ask me go and draw a storyboard like a comic!!! My goodness!!! But finally I did it! Although my drawing skill is not that good, but I am still satisfy with it! So how about the programming part? Actually the module is called DBDS, something like Database structure, we need to implement our program by using C! This is so tough for me! My hair become white color after I complete the program! Computer Architecture is quite easy, just need to do some research online, and you know lah BLUFF!!! the is important! I finished it within four hours!!!

Alright, after completed all our assignments! My friends and I decide to go somewhere have fun and relax. So finally my friend suggest to go karaoke at Puchong Newway! That's sound cool! I mean I never been to Karaoke, and I like singing too. This is the best chance to let me spear out all my stress and also show people my singing skill...hahaha I am just joking, actually I really can not sing well. One of my friend say my (五音不全) means my sound is like a Crow!!! How dare he said that!!! Don't he knows my brother is JJ (林俊杰)^_^

Ok let's get back to the tittle, we depart from Bukit Jalil at 7.30 something, when we turn into the highway, this was what we saw! Terrible traffic jam!!!

Finally, we reached Newway around 8:15 . Suppose we only need to take about 15 minutes to reach here! Because of traffic jam, so we were late, and I felt so hungry! When we stepped in to the building, I saw there are many different kind of food!! Sushi, Hotdog, Steak, Fish, Crab, Bread, Ice-cream, Dim sum, Noodle, Cakes, Satay so on and so on! This time, I really can not tahan anymore! I faster went to take a plate and start robing my favorite!!!

This was what we've had for our dinner at that night! Actually there more plates there, because of the waiter there is so hard working, always came into our room and collect those plates! So when our stomach were full, we start Singing (Choung K, this vocabulary created by cisco)!! You know what, the moment I start to sing, I really can not stop myself! just like a machine gun Bang!!! Bang !!! Bang !!! Non stop!!! Unbelievable!!!

From the left: Cisco (my classmate+friend+cousin), Elaine (just know her for a couple days, sipeh gao eat), Jeniffer (Jeff's girlfriend, very quiet =_=), Yuki (same as Elaine, new intake from Apiit, sipeh gao sing), Me ^_^

After took some pictures, we decided to take some different style of picture! Ultraman is here!!! Cisco, your pose look so lame =_=

Wow!!! so kawwayi, actually we want girls to pretend Ultraman, but they said the pose is so ugly, then no choice lor, Cisco said he volunteers to become Ultraman!

This picture is funny too, look at Jeff, He is so pro to pretend anybody! Alright! that is all!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hi guys, do your big house has garage??? If you do, you have to check out this post! I am sure you must have to look for some cabinets and storage for your garage. Besides that, you also need to concern about what flooring is suit for your garage. CarGuyGarage is a website that has everything about garage. You can find out all the cool cabinets and storage here. And they also carry many different solution for your garage floor. Visit this site and find out everything inside the garage!
garage floors

Monday, November 26, 2007

Advertlets! Stay Or Quit??? You decide!

After reading a post Advertlets:No Payment & No Reply from iZone. I think this is the time I really need to post something about Advertlets here! Actually, I suppose to post this on the early time! Because I also faced the same problem as iZone before! However, what I am going to write in this post is the disadvantages and advantages of Advertlets!


1) Attractive Campaign - So far, I can only found out one advantages of Avertlets! Obviously, Advertlets were giving many campaign to his members. All of these campaign are quite attractive. They did a good job on this part. I've also join some campaign of Advertlets, but since today they have denied my cash out, so all my money gone!!!


Bugs - If you go through your earning area and click on the dairy earning button.You can check out your dairy earning and how much impressions, how much you've earned from CPC and CPM. Most of the time, you will notice there are some bugs in this system. Sometime it records two exactly same date but but different impressions and earning. Sometime you might realize there are some clicks did not record in CPC earning, even there are some clicks showed.

CPC-CPM are not accurately - CPM and CPC earning are not stable or we can also say that calculation is not accurately. Why am I saying that is because, you will get RM0.3 for one click but sometime you only can get RM0.3 for three click or even more. CPM also has the same problem, let say your impression for today is 200++ , and you get about RM0.4++. For tomorrow your impression of your blog is about 500++ something. It suppose give you more CPM earning right??? But It isn't!

Very seldom reply member email - Basically the ticket support system is totally useless!!! I used to send many mails to them by using the system, and I got no any reply from Advertlets. I really wonder what is the ticket system for? Wastage!!!! So if you have any problem with Advertlets, please do not use that system! You will realize that you are doing a stupid and foolish thing after sending them a ticket! If you really want to get their attention, you could write a complain mail very seriously, or you might choose the way of iZone. So far I only receive one email from Advertlets, that's it:

Advertlets wrote

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's only you determine how sad or happy you are!

Check out this video! You will realize you are the only man can determine your happiness and sadness!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Online Hotel Reservations!!!

Are you getting very tired of your job??? Feel that a lot of pressure and your working environment?? Why don't you take break and seat down talk with your boss that you are going to take a vacation with your friends or family?? That's a good idea, isn't??? You might choose to go Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong,New York, Toronto so on and so on...

When you're traveling all these places,you need to look for your suitable flight ticket, you need to reserve a hotel or motel to stay around, and you also need a transport to visit all these cities. You should have a well prepare all these things before you get started your trip! What I am going to say is, you can actually, buy your fight ticket, book your hotel early and look for a driver to fetch you go around the city through Online!!! Ya, there is a website called, Hotel Reservations. It has all the abilities of reservation that I mentioned before! You could just simply log on to the website and find out which places or countries you are looking for.

Let say, If you are going to enjoy your vacation at Bangkok with your friends, you can first check about the flight schedule directly from Hotel Reservations and make your decision on which flight you want. After that you could reserve your hotel and book for a car to fetch you all the way before you reach your destination. Do you know that you can save a lot of time instead of rushing here and there to look for a nice hotel without any reservation before you go on your trip.

You are not only can save your time, but save your money too!!! If your book a flight ticket or hotel through Hotel ReservationsYou can save up to 70%, that's sound pretty cool huh??? They also offer their Vacation packages, you can save even more money if you go for their Vacation packages! So after reading this, if your are going to plan a trip to somewhere, you should know where to visit first before you go traveling. Hotel Reservations

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

He is back!!!! namewee!!!

As I mentioned at the title. He is back, namewee. Do you know who is namewee, don't you??? Check out this blog, if you want to know more about him . This is the latest video created by him, called internet war!!! I am sure you are going to find out many interesting in this video! Enjoy it!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kenneth Tagged me again!!!

Oh yeah, it is so good to be tagged by people. I think this is the fifth or sixth time I have been tagged by people! Alright, stop buffing anymore, let's complete the tag.

Let's do this five things in the weekend!!!

1. What is your definition of ‘healthy eating’?
Erm, the more you eat the healthy you are!!! The less you eat, then become a ghost la!!!

2. Do you exercise on a regular basis? What is your favorite form of exercise? Least favorite?
Yes, I exercise every day, but most of the time I exercise is when I was sleeping... Just joking!!! I used to do some exercise regularly to keep my body looks fit and nice. But after a few moment, I totally forgot about it ^_^. In addition, I play badminton, I play basketball, I play table tennis, I play pool, I play soccer, I like swimming and so on. Does all these consider as exercise???

3. Do you take vitamin supplements?
Definitely yes! When I was a kid.

4. Can you tell that your body is getting older? If so, how?
Of course la, everybody's getting older what! unless you are god or ghost lor. Choose one you like to be! So how??? I have no idea now, I will tell you when the time I die!

5. Would you call yourself healthy?
Erm... It is hard to answer you this question before I complete my body check!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

BloG Oh BloG Contest!!!

BloG Oh BloG!!! Everybody let's go blogging!!! Hahaha, sound like I am so excited huh??? Do you want to know why I am so excited??? It's because I am going to participate another blogging contest again!!! Philip Yong, the owner of BloGOhBLoG, he is currently holding a contest, people who write a review for his blog ( and stand a chance to win RM100!!! Sound interesting???

Philip Yong is currently 17 year's old, and was established on 29th of October 2007. He wants to record down what he have learned in his entire life through blogging!!! Want to find out more about Philip and this contest, please log in to this blog [BloGOhBloG]

Friday, November 16, 2007

Say welcome to Nuffnang 2.0

Lady and Gentleman, what are you looking at right now is Nuffnang's Web2.0 new interface! Say welcome to Nuffnang 2.0!!! I can only say it's very very awesome!!! Compare with previous Nuffnang's interface, they've done a lot of changes, it looks better that previous one. This time Nuffnang not only improved the design of interface but also, they added some features in. Especially is innit, so what is innit?? what can we do with innit?? Basically, innit is something like Digg which is very popular now. We can post our article to this website, it contains a link to your blog, so that people will view your article on your blog through this website! It's pretty cool huh??? Check it out more on Nuffnang!

My new mouse!!!

Yesterday I bought a new mouse from Sri Petaling Careffour, it cost me about RM55. I am very satisfy with it! I is a Laser mouse, that's mean it can performs on any glasses table, one of the reason why I bought it is: check it out below...

I like the second one color, so how about you?? which color you like?? Perhaps I can buy one for you...^_^ just joking....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yeah!!! I did it!!! PayPerPost!!!

I have signed up as PayPerPost membership since last Monday! After that, I've waiting for their approval until today!! And you guess what surprise I got today? I received an email from PayPerPost. Finally my blog "Freedom Rider" has approved by them!!! Yeah!! What a good new!!! I am so happy right now!!!

A couple months ago, I've seen there are many bloggers make money every month through writing some reviews! I always wonder, how they did it? So I keep looking for the answers by searching many blog and website! Eventually, I realized that all of them are PerPerPost members. What can I say is, It's really attracting and me, by looking at those bloggers' monthly income list! Most of them are making very very huge income just only from PayPerPost. So that's why , they always recommend PayPerPost as one of the best making money website!

For those who are new here, and you wish to have a huge income every month, PayPerPost is the best choice. Today, I am one of them (PayPerPost's members). I feel very happy and excited. It's very very awesome!!! I could start earning money from PayPerPost . I am going to spend those money to buy whatever I like to. So what are you waiting for??? hurry up!! go and register a free account from PayPerPost and start making money together!!! blog ads

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am back from Cameron Highland

Hi guys!!! I just came back from Cameron Highland! Since last week I got a week holiday, so I decided to go back my hometown!!! I didn't go back for a quite long time!!! And now I just would like to show you all some picture that I've taken during the time I was enjoying my holiday at Cameron Highland!

This is the food you gotta try when you visit there!!! I strongly suggest you go and try!!! You can add on those fish ball too!!! It is so delicious!!!

Hahaha!!! I am setting on a Land Rover!!! There are many Land Rover at Cameron Highland, this kind of Lang Rover is a bit different with those luxury Land Rover ^_^ However Cameron Land Rover is so powerful!!! Contact me when you visit here, I fetch you go climbing!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Freedom Rider Contest Winner!!! Congratulation!!!

Hey Please pay attention here!!! The WINNER of Freedom Rider Contest is Mai-Ke!!! Congratulation!!! The Winner Please kindly send me your home address and paypal email!!! So that you can get your prize and money as soon as possible!!! My email is:
If you would like to know more about blogging contest, you can check out my Event/Contest Categories!!! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Liverpool Vs BJK 8-0!!!

A lot of you might do not know that I am a football player and fans! Liverpool is my favorite team!!! Last night there was a Europe Champion match Liverpool against BJK!!! I watched it with my friends at a famous mamak (BRJ)!!! The match was fantastic!!! at the end the result was 8-0 Liverpool won!!! I was so happy!!! Click the button Play and enjoy the goals!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vista or Linux??? You decide!!!

Hey guys, I believe a lot of you are enjoying the new feature of Windows Vsita right now, But before you install your Windows Vista in your computer, please check this first!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Freedom Rider contest!!! Left 8 days!!!

Just want to inform you all the Freedom Rider contest which is first time blog contest hold by myself will be ended in this 10th!!! So far there are only one contestant participated this contest!!! It is only left 8 days to join this contest!!! The prize of this contest is Jordan Go travel pack toothbrush!!! And USD 5!!! For those who interested to join Please hurry up!!! For more information please click here

EmailcashPro second payout!!!

Yesterday I received the money from Emailcashpro via paypal again! This is the second payout that I've made from Emailcashpro!!! I join Emailcashpro for a couple months ago, at that time I thought that Emailcashpro is a spam, but after a few months, I realized that it is not a spam, my money in Emailcashpro is growing day by day!!! And now I got about 600 members as my down line, and I could also make money about USD10 every month without do anything!!! I'm so glad that I am one of the member!!!