Friday, September 7, 2007

Three things I wish to buy!

I am going to start my new level at Apiit college next week! I have been having my sem break for one month! During the break I went to work at book store company! They paid me Rm7 per hour, quite high huh?? but the working environment is damn boring there!!! Now I know that office environment is not suit for me!! My salary is coming soon! I think I am going to buy something after they Cheque is bank in my account!!! Alright!! the first thing I wish to buy is:

1) A Laptop

I always wish to have a Laptop especially the above one!! Hp is my favorite laptop brand!!! it is damn coool!!

2) A professional camera

As a blogger, I really need a camera like Nikon D40 to catch up ever moment in my life and post it!!! Haiz, but its price is pretty nice!!!

3) 19' widescreen LCD monitor

One of my hobby is watching movie!!! There is no another entertainment are better than watching movie! Also I enjoy to watch kind of Action movie!! I am using a CRT monitor now, hopefully someone will buy a LCD monitor for me!!!

4) The last thing is quite hard for me, even though I am rich!! We can not use money to buy it!!! It is Love!!! it is invaluable!! I has been being a single for quite long time!! I need love!!!

Sound fanny huh?? Seem like I am very thirst for love!! But I am!!


Apple said...

your wish list is cool.
i can't even save enough for myself so guess i can't buy any of those for u. u'll find ur true love one day, no worries. ^^

Darren said...

Thanks Apple!!

feeling said...

i oso wish to have my own laptop~~~

dun worry,u will find ur true love one day~

Jianz said...

Hello pls... are you going to copy me like AGAIN? Get some other brand pls... Nikon is mine!

Darren said...

Jianz: hey man!! Please do not always say me copy you ok!!! Are you the NIKON owner??Is that only you can buy it?? Oh my god!! I can buy it whenever I like!!!

葛瑞克的日记 said...

i believe u can get wat u wish since u hav mentioned u r rich ight?!haha!but u say u need love, this thing can't force. but i believe u can found it one day, really!

bless u!

SilverIsle said...

Yeah! HP laptop rocks! I'm using one myself now, and it's the second HP I'm using already. Haha.

Cool choice of camera too. I used to consider of buying that. But now I've decided to go for Canon. Yeah!