Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Ambition

When I was a kid, my primary school's teacher always asked us, what is your ambition? What you want to become in the future??? They always keep on asking you this question zzz. Also, the essay topic must come out this question!!! So what is my ambition??? actually I have no ideal now, I only know money is important to me, I want to earn more money. However, when I was in primary school, my ambition is to become a professional badminton player in the world!!! Hehe sound good huh???

I used to play badminton for the whole day without any rest! I love this sport! I was crazy about this sport! I played in the morning, evening, even at the night!!! At that time, I was always imagining, maybe one day I will be standing on stage and holding the world champion cup on my hand! hahaha what a dream!!! One day, I talked with my parent, I told them, I want to become a professional badminton player! Unfortunately, my parent did not support me at that time, they thought I just like to play play, after three minutes I would change my mind again!!! They told me study is more important, please do not think such waste time stuff!!! how sad....+_+

But now, I still love to play badminton.The guy above is my partner. We used to get some medal last time!!! He is my best badminton partner so far. Both us are studying at Apiit currently. Last few months ago, we participated the badminton competition which is organized by Apiit. And also, we are the second runner up of the Apiit sport carnival 2007!!! ^_^


Ichitaka Leingod said...

wow, keng wor... congrats!

Jianz said...

just in case you guys dunno... those pictures are taken by me... aka justin low.. Muahaha

Darren said...

Ya Ya Ya, Jianz if a very good photographer!!!