Saturday, September 1, 2007

Low Spirit!!!

Haiz... Finally my final semester of lvl 0 came out last two days, Erm... basically I am not so happy with my result even I passed all the subjects, because of some of my classmate, their in-course's marks is lesser than mine, but I do not know why their final result is higher grade than me... It is unbelievable!!! What the Fu*k!!! I am going to be crazy man, This matter is not the first time happen to me, but it was twice and even more!!! Can someone please tell me why???

However la... I am fine now, there is no point I keep on blaming people and arguing here, I know it is No use!!! So I choose to face the fact!!! I am sure that I will do it better on my next semester!!! I promise you Mother!!! I'm going to show you how clever is your son!!!! hahaha!!! this is the first time I make promise with my Mother, I'll keep my word!!!

Alright! my sister is going to work at Singapore next week! So her room will be empty after she leaving KL!!!

Announcement!!!! Room For Rent!!!

Arena Green apartment Master Room (Bukit Jalil)

-Furnish furniture
  1. Sofa
  2. Heater
  3. Washing Machine
  4. Dinner table
  5. Kitchen Tools
  6. Fridge
  7. Internet Access (Streamyx)
-Car Park
-Female and Male welcome!!!! ( prefer Female haha)

RM400-500 (Very Cheap!!!)

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