Monday, September 17, 2007

Go Swimming!!!

Last weekend, I felt very boring when I was staying at home lonely! So, finally I decided to went go swimming! The Bukit Jalil Swimming Pool was very close to my Apartment! I spent about 5 minutes to get there! Unfortunately, since I am Apiit student, so I can get the cheaper ticket which is RM 3( Normal price is RM4, Friday is FOC) .

So, I went to the bathroom for dressing my bathing suit, and took a bath. After all have done, I jumped in to the Pool immediately!!! There is always less people come to swim in the weekend!!! However, this is good for me, so that I can swim more "Senang" no need to worry about blocking people when you are swimming. I have been here for many time, but until now I still have not seen any pretty girls wearing bikini and swimming here, how sad!!!=_=

After 1 hour and haft, I felt so tired already, so I decided to leave. When I reached my Apartment, I felt my whole body is very very tired, even can not walk any more! Beside that, all the muscles are getting bigger too!!! =_= So, for guys who want to have a ideal body, I strongly suggest Swimming, it is the best way to achieve your ideal body!!! I Swear!!!


Fei Wen said...



nice haircut, if thats ur new pic!

Emily Lin said...

The pools over there are alright. I've been to the training pool as well as the competition pool & diving pool. I'll be going there during weekend (if I'm happened to be free) with my fellow swim club gangs. The diving pool is scary though - 5 meters deep!! I nearly fainted and choked myself when I jumped into it during my first and the very last time! lol.

Darren10 said...

oh... there got diving pool?? how come I never know about it??? Seem like you like to swim too.. I also always go swimming in the weekend... hopefully we can meet u there hehe..