Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lack of blogging!!!

Hi guys, how it's going??? I am back here again... I didn't update my blog in these few days, it is not because of I am busy on my study. There two two reason why I seldom update, first is Lack of blogging idea!! the second is addicted to play Dota. I just got a Blueserver account for couple days ago. So that is why I seldom update these few days.... However, I have to keep my word that I promised myself must update my blog regularly at the beginning of the blogging life. So, I would like to post some picture about my college's life right now....

The world's fastest lift at Apiit

Oh There are always many presentation at the end of semester =_=

Wow...Apiit's Server

Yeah!!! That is me and my Twin head laptop, unfortunately my sister stole it already +_+

Wa Wa Wa my first Visual Basic. net interface!!

Guess where is it??? lab lor lol =_=

Freedom Rider is showing in the Apiit lab Yeah!!!!


Kenneth said...

Darren add me at blueserver ok??
-3days- hope can see u there o...
haha......we play tonite ler..~~

Darren10 said...

haha..kenneth you also is dota kaki arh??? actually I am so noob la...hehe I will add you later on

Ichitaka Leingod said...

no wonder u post blueserver quiz answers la, u also dota gila liao ka? welcome to the facinating world of DOTA! XD

Darren10 said...

ya I am crazy with dota now.... =_=

Apple said...

haha...sometimes i also out of idea what to blog..

dota freak? lol, i long time no dota already..and only know how to use a few int character only =.=