Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bokgo Dance

Lady and Gentleman! I would like to introduce you a special dance which is very famous in Korea! The dancer is Bae Seul Gi, she is so pretty and sweet!! She is the first awesome lady that I have ever seen in my entire life! This is a little bit different with other ce, it is more softly , but it can hot too!!! I am sure guys who always go clubbing will like it! What you're watching here is Korean Bokgo Dance!! Let's party together with Bokgu dance!!

1) This is her first dance in the TV program of Korean called Lover letter( 情书)



4) This this the Battle Dance competition in Korea!! It is awesome!!!


SilverIsle said...

Woah. Very cool eh.

Ichitaka Leingod said...

very cool! make me feel like learning it too... XD

Maxea said...

it was DAMN COOL!!
i wanna dance like tat too!!

Darren said...

She is very very awesome!!! I hope to meet her in the future!!! haha I am dreaming someone please wake me up~~

Jet JaeJenks said...

but she's by far not the best. I've seen some awesome bokgo-dancers! So cool that style!!!!