Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blueserver Dota Quiz Answer

I think some people might have the trouble to answer for the silly Dota Blueserver quiz. I used to answer those questions for haft and hour! Anyway, I would like to share the answer here for you guys to answer the questions more easily and accurately!!!

Who or where to report leavers?
*Users Management Forum -> Official Banlist

What would you do if someone keep insulting you even you advised him or her not to insult you again?
*Get all the valid evidences and open a report at Official Banlist Compilation

When is ban points getting removed from an account?

What is the main objective of Blueserver?
*Creating an ethical gaming environment

If you lost your password what can you do?
*Use the “Password Reset” that located at http://blueserver.org

Each player are limited to how many accounts?

Assume that you joined Sentinel Team, under which of the following situations you’re not allowed to backdoor?
*Scourge team has 4 players and sentinel team has 5 players.

In the following items which combination is valid for making a leaver report?
*Offender name, a ping screenshot with offender name in it, reason and replay only.

What should you do if teammate took your items without your permission?
*Advice him with proper language, make report if he doesn’t return the items.

What is the maximum number of account you can create per supported email address?

Which of the following hnology will greatly reduce the chances of packet lost in a game?

What is the minimum ban point(s) for an account to be permanently banned?
*3 ban points

If an opponent player purposely feeding and his teammates are whinning for remaking the game, what should you do as a game host?
*Request the player to leave and file a report againts him.

What kind of players are welcomed to Blueserver?
*Ethical and follow the rules

Your warcraft are fresh installed. How do you get the latest DotA Allstars map?
*Download it from http://getdota.com

How do you turn off the autosave replay feature?
*Open Bprotect.ini, change the autosave value to 0

In which of the following situations a player is allowed to leave without violating the rules?
*2 of the players in Scourge team left. Thefore the remaining players in Scourge team decided to remake.

Which of the following password are safe and hardly guessed by account stealer(a.k.a hacker for non-technical person)?
*Password: h3q@t$o1yk~0

Which of the following email domains are not allowed for gaming access?

Which of the following situations below allow you to backdoor?
*When there are fair numbers of players

Which of the following factors are not affecting the latency of a game (Which of the following factors will not make the game lag)?

What do you think about people that provide answers to this registration quiz?
*Great… They provide free advertisement for Blueserver. Everyone knows about Blueserver. As they already fallen into a trick megablue designed to attract more players and popularity to Blueserver.

If one of your friend account are banned, what should you do?
*Advise and explain to him why he should not to break the rules.

A player tells you he is gm or implying that power has been given to him, what should you do?
*Get all the valid evidences and report him.

Assume you’re a host which of the following actions you’re advised to do before you start the game?
*Snap two /ping screenshots, wait everyone ready and do a 5 seconds countdown manually

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