Friday, November 16, 2007

Say welcome to Nuffnang 2.0

Lady and Gentleman, what are you looking at right now is Nuffnang's Web2.0 new interface! Say welcome to Nuffnang 2.0!!! I can only say it's very very awesome!!! Compare with previous Nuffnang's interface, they've done a lot of changes, it looks better that previous one. This time Nuffnang not only improved the design of interface but also, they added some features in. Especially is innit, so what is innit?? what can we do with innit?? Basically, innit is something like Digg which is very popular now. We can post our article to this website, it contains a link to your blog, so that people will view your article on your blog through this website! It's pretty cool huh??? Check it out more on Nuffnang!

1 comment:

liyiesther.C said...

Yea!!! Nuffnang ROCKS, Pebbles and Stones too!!!