Sunday, November 11, 2007

Freedom Rider Contest Winner!!! Congratulation!!!

Hey Please pay attention here!!! The WINNER of Freedom Rider Contest is Mai-Ke!!! Congratulation!!! The Winner Please kindly send me your home address and paypal email!!! So that you can get your prize and money as soon as possible!!! My email is:
If you would like to know more about blogging contest, you can check out my Event/Contest Categories!!! Thanks!!!


Apple said...

Congrats to mai-ke ^^

Darren10 said...

[apple] I am so sorry apple, although you are not the winner, but I've decided to give you the prize too!!! tell me what you want! as long as it is not too expensive!=_= or cash via paypal also doesn't matter!!! Reply me as soon as possible!!!

maike said...


maike said...

Please check your email for my mail
do let me know if you didnt receive
thank you~

Darren10 said...

Ok I got your email!!! Thanks for participating this contest!!! There more and more contest will be hold in the future, so please just keep visiting here!!!