Monday, November 19, 2007

Kenneth Tagged me again!!!

Oh yeah, it is so good to be tagged by people. I think this is the fifth or sixth time I have been tagged by people! Alright, stop buffing anymore, let's complete the tag.

Let's do this five things in the weekend!!!

1. What is your definition of ‘healthy eating’?
Erm, the more you eat the healthy you are!!! The less you eat, then become a ghost la!!!

2. Do you exercise on a regular basis? What is your favorite form of exercise? Least favorite?
Yes, I exercise every day, but most of the time I exercise is when I was sleeping... Just joking!!! I used to do some exercise regularly to keep my body looks fit and nice. But after a few moment, I totally forgot about it ^_^. In addition, I play badminton, I play basketball, I play table tennis, I play pool, I play soccer, I like swimming and so on. Does all these consider as exercise???

3. Do you take vitamin supplements?
Definitely yes! When I was a kid.

4. Can you tell that your body is getting older? If so, how?
Of course la, everybody's getting older what! unless you are god or ghost lor. Choose one you like to be! So how??? I have no idea now, I will tell you when the time I die!

5. Would you call yourself healthy?
Erm... It is hard to answer you this question before I complete my body check!

1 comment:

3POINT8 said...

WoW! That is one healthy tag!
Makes me wanna go exercise too