Monday, November 26, 2007

Advertlets! Stay Or Quit??? You decide!

After reading a post Advertlets:No Payment & No Reply from iZone. I think this is the time I really need to post something about Advertlets here! Actually, I suppose to post this on the early time! Because I also faced the same problem as iZone before! However, what I am going to write in this post is the disadvantages and advantages of Advertlets!


1) Attractive Campaign - So far, I can only found out one advantages of Avertlets! Obviously, Advertlets were giving many campaign to his members. All of these campaign are quite attractive. They did a good job on this part. I've also join some campaign of Advertlets, but since today they have denied my cash out, so all my money gone!!!


Bugs - If you go through your earning area and click on the dairy earning button.You can check out your dairy earning and how much impressions, how much you've earned from CPC and CPM. Most of the time, you will notice there are some bugs in this system. Sometime it records two exactly same date but but different impressions and earning. Sometime you might realize there are some clicks did not record in CPC earning, even there are some clicks showed.

CPC-CPM are not accurately - CPM and CPC earning are not stable or we can also say that calculation is not accurately. Why am I saying that is because, you will get RM0.3 for one click but sometime you only can get RM0.3 for three click or even more. CPM also has the same problem, let say your impression for today is 200++ , and you get about RM0.4++. For tomorrow your impression of your blog is about 500++ something. It suppose give you more CPM earning right??? But It isn't!

Very seldom reply member email - Basically the ticket support system is totally useless!!! I used to send many mails to them by using the system, and I got no any reply from Advertlets. I really wonder what is the ticket system for? Wastage!!!! So if you have any problem with Advertlets, please do not use that system! You will realize that you are doing a stupid and foolish thing after sending them a ticket! If you really want to get their attention, you could write a complain mail very seriously, or you might choose the way of iZone. So far I only receive one email from Advertlets, that's it:

Advertlets wrote


3POINT8 said...

ouch...rm200 gone...
man, what did u do??
btw, i'm also thinking of whether to stick with adverlets

Apple said...

Advertlets earning is too slow..slower than google..

Darren10 said...

[3point8] Ya that is 200. they dined my cash out because I click fraud. But at thattime for a new blogger me, how I know what is click fraud??? I even do not know what happen if I click on my own ads. And also, the 200 included some campaigns that I did for Advertlets. So they suppose to give back what I have earn in those campaigns.

[Apple] Ya it is too slow...

Ayie said...

Advertlets slowing down my blog.
Some clicks doesn't count, thats for sure. My Mint stat records that.

Darren10 said...

[ayie] Ya that is what I mentioned in this post!!!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

hey i had the same problem but the CEO replied me in a very rude manner. Read my recent post. I am so angry that i opt to quit advertlets.

Sphwong said...

the thing is.....



its in the agreement form(if you bothered to read it)

sorry to say but I agree to pulling out your Rm200.

Cheating is cheating and they have every right.This problem is rampant everywhere and to accumulate Rm200 (even though with sponsored posts) must mean you must clicked on them alot.From your stats, a mere 50 visits a day wont get you much.*very much like me..lolz)

But I gotta admit.It was rather rude how they replied your email.
They should reply in a civil matter no matter how rude an email they get(not saying you are rude)
They are a company for goodness sake.Show some civility!

If you are not happy just pull out all their ads.

Page impressions do not count, Its the unique ones that do.If not just refreshing will do right?

Please don't be offended.YA?
Just airing my views.

Darren10 said...

[sphwong] Hi, first of all thanks for your long comment! The thing here is, for a new blogger, who knows that click on his or her own ads is not allow? I just follow what other bloggers do...Whatever la, I agree that is my false too,cos I did not read the agreement before I join... that's too bad.