Saturday, August 25, 2007

What a tire day!!!

Today morning, I woke up at 10 something. After that automatically go and open my computer!!! When I was searching something online, suddenly I heard somebody shot at outside! Then I went to opened my door and see who is barking outside. OMG!!! There are my grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and my cousin!!! I really get a shock! Then I quickly invited them came into my house! After 30 minutes of our gathering, I finally know that they are came Kl for presenting my cousin's Degree graduation at Wisma MCA!!! Well, after that we went to have our brunch first!!! and then we just straight went to KLCC!!! Spent about half and hour at KLCC, then we went to KL Tower by Taxi, It cost us rm15 for each Taxi.(we take two taxi) When we arrived at KL Tower, I saw many people here, because there is a event organized by Malaysia government for improve the spirit of Visit Malaysia 2007!!! There are many activities holding here for instance, Flying Fox, concert and parachute!! Of course, we went up to the top of KL Tower too. So, before we came back home, we had our dinner at Sri Petaling. We ordered many meal!!! eat till I could not breath!!! Finally I reached my home now!!! I am very very very TIRED now. I hope that someone can give me a massage service like below!!!

Californian Massage - video powered by Metacafe


Sweetpea said...

i waannnntt! am sure i would have been snoring away... :)

Ras_Angela_Wong said...

i alwiz go massage~ :)