Saturday, August 4, 2007

Star Celeb (Berjaya Time Square Roadshow)

Hey guys! how it's going?? Still remember that previous post about Star Celeb contest??? I hope you do. If you still do not get what is Star Celeb, it's doesn't matter. Let me introduce it to you again...

Two hosts of the Star Celeb

Star Celeb is a brand new exciting reality show which looking for two winner to be models, brand ambassadors and TV hosts that will set the path for their road to Stardom!!! This show was hosted by pretty May Wan and handsome Daniel Tan, both talented in the field of modeling and hosting, the show promises a lots of surprises, talent showcases and experiences that we can all relate to. For more detail about contestants please visit Starclebtv.

I just came back form that roadshow, now I would like to show you what was happening during the Star Celeb roadshow at Berjaya Time Square. Today I waked up quite early, after preparing then I just straight forwarded to Time Square. When I reached there, it was around 1:00 pm. I thought I was missed the begin of the show. But fortunately, the show haven't started yet when I arriving the main door of Time Square. So I decided to take my lunch first. After finish taking my lunch, I rushed to the stage with the exciting feeling. Who knows,when I reached the show was started about half hour already...+_+. So, I start taking photo as many as I can hehe...

Contestants were giving the opportunity to performed their specially ability and also hosted the show as well.

This contestant very like jumping, he is Wei Jun No.23

He is Elliot Lau No.18, I love this guy very much!!! He was singing a Chinese song, I really was impressed by him. He is very cute!!! Please vote for him!!!

She is Min Li Lee No.22, She was singing a very nice English Love Song, But I forgot what is the name of the song. She is a good singer, she could sing very well...

He is contestant No.01 Mark Chin. He got a awesome body, he was performing the "Kong Fu Tai Zi"

She is Effa No.24, the audience was invited to the stage and danced together. That fellow is so funny, I just know him from the crowd. He is the father of contestant No.26 Sharon.

Now everybody is dancing together for the ending of their performance.

The hosts and judges.

Basically, the Star Celeb roadshow divided to two part, which afternoon and evening, the afternoon part is the time for first 30 contestants, and the evening part is for other 30 contestants. There is a break time between the afternoon and evening part, so I went to had my meal again after the first part is ended, and before I left, I took this photo with those talent contestant.

Oh my god... Where am I looking at??? Please vote for them!!!

Alright, since it is break time now, so I would like to show you how to vote for your favorite contestants now just using a simple ways. But, before I start guiding your how to vote, do you guys know I supported which contestant??? You guys might think that that one suppose to be a girl right??? Obviously, those female contestants are so pretty and sexy, but unfortunately you are totally wrong, He is a guy, he is Elliot Lau No.18. The reason why I like him is because, I really like his smiling! He is so nice...

He smiles all the day... Please remember to vote for him No.18

Alright get back to the guideline, The Star Celeb is using Mystyle voting system. Whenever you vote a contestant by using your mobile phone, automatically, you will get various type a of vouchers from Mystyle. You can use these vouchers to shop, dine, and play with having up to 50% discount. That's sound good huh???

Type(my111)(space)(merchant code)(space)(contestant code)


Type(my365)(space)(merchant code)(space)(contestant code)

send to 33365

The merchant code is depend on what kind of voucher you want, you can get your merchant code at Mystyle official site. And what is the different between my111 and my365, basically they are almost the same, the only different is my111 can only use once a year and limited to one mobile number, but it offer up to 50% discount from all merchants. On the other hand, my365 is unlimited to all mobile number and 365 days a year. But it only offer up to 30% discount from all merchants. So do you get it??? I hope you do. For more information please visit Mystyle and Starcelebtv

Example: Let say my favorite contestant is No.18 and I would like to have sushiking vouchers then my code will be shown like below.

my111 sushiking 18 send to 33365

The hosts say hello to all audiences and inaugurate the evening show.

Look so confident huh.

Contestants are asked to separate to different group.

This time they are going to learn Robot dance.

Please for me!!! I believe I can fly!!!

Basically, the overall of this show was pretty good. I really can feel the energy and creative from Star Celeb contestants. Although some of them were a bit nervous during their performance, but it is ok, at least you enjoyed the show, some of them did very well. Well done Starceleb contestants. Hopefully, I will meet you all very soon. Ok, that's all for "The Star Celeb Berjaya Time Square roadshow".


KennetH said...

Saw my friend..

Darren said...

kenneth: you saw your friend??? which one??? contestant too???

Kim said...

stay tuned to our blogs for more updates :)

clement said...

wow, even goddes kim comes to your blog.. Elliot is my cousin... just passing by and spotted your blog, nice one~!

Darren said...

oh really??? I am very admire him!!! haha Thanks for passing by here ... hopefully u come agian...