Saturday, August 18, 2007

Proton Persona = Gen 2 second edition???

Three days ago, is the launch of Proton Persona. Proton has taken steps to ensure the Proton Persona is what the customer wants, not what the management wants. Many models clinics and surveys have been conducted to ensure market acceptance. It’s basically a GEN2 with a boot. Other than the tail lamps, the entire car from the B-pillar onwards has been reworked. This is 167mm longer than the Proton GEN2, and 12mm longer than the Proton Waja. The boot is a respectable 430 liters in size, which is larger than the toyota Vios at 400 liters. Below is the video clip of the launch of Proton Persona.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! So r u going to buy it??BTW tq for dropping by! Have a nice day!

keeyit said...


Just like bigger version of gen2

Darren said...

[hor ny ang moh]: Erm let me think about it first, cos I dun have money now.. hehe you have a nice day too..

[keeyit]: ya just like gen 2 second edition, I heard that the inside features had improved a lot..