Monday, August 13, 2007

I AM Back!!!

Hello everybody!!! I am back!! Sorry for last few days ago, I did not uploaded my blog because I was having my holidays at Cameron Highlands, just finish my trip yesterday. Before I get back to KL, I went to Ipoh also gather with my secondary school's friends! and also to attend the 夏日八度演唱会 at "Ipoh Big Padang" Have you guys been there too?? Please leave me a comment if you were there!!!

First of all, we had our gathering at a romantic restaurant!!!

Desmond, Darren and Dickson haha all start from D

Alright now, I would like to show you some of the pictures that I took at the "夏日八度演唱会" concert!!!

Crazy Rock Zone A ticket

Information board

Mobile toilet ^_^ haha let us go in and take some picture by the way do something you must do it daily.


So small!!! Hard to Aim zzz

Wow the stage very nice!!!
^-^we was exciting there^_^

My camera cant zoom to much so it looks blur blur zzz


Pei Hau said...

Hey Darren!!
How are you doing dude?
Enjoyed yourself with holidays huh..

Darren said...

I am fine here...ya but it is too short now i have to get back to work zzz tired..

ToMCaT said...

It's look like you are enjoying...
I'm jealous of you... XD

Apple said...

cool mobile toilet.
seems like you were having much fun ^^

Ichitaka Leingod said...

I wish I could have gone to the summer concert too...! >.<

Jianz said...

shiok sial... miss u so much leh... u sure din give a damn on me right? U bastard!