Friday, July 27, 2007

ooVoo (part 2)

It seem like many people are interested about ooVoo, how can I describe this Shareware, It just like any other messenger, such as MSN and Skype. But this software is better than previous messenger, I think you guys already got the idea about the functions of ooVoo at my last post, it contains creative design, much features and high technology, I can only say that, it is CooooooL
For more information about ooVoo you can visit its website click here

p/s: I already add my ooVoo on my blog, you guys can simple click the ooVoo template at the slide bar.


KennetH said...

have u listen Joost b4??

Darren said...

who is Jooost????

ooVooworld said...

Hi Darren, really glad you like ooVoo - so much so we gave you a mention on our WOM world (it's kind of like an unofficial blog abotu ooVoo...!) Let us know how you get on - you can ooVoo me at ooVooMolly.

Cheers, Molly


Darren said...

ooVooworld: thanks ya..