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Malaysian Studies Exam Tips

To all Apiitian TPDOF0605:

Hey guys, Because of I could not Photostat for you each a copy, so I've uploaded here. Please get your Malaysian Studies Exam Tips here.
1)"kenegaraan Malaysia' is a study about history, social, culture, politics and economy of Malayisa
2)Pre-historic time arrangement are Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age.
3)The earliest people in Malaysia are Natives.
4)The Negrito and Senoi Natives are from Mesolithic.
5)There are two sources regarding Malaca Sultanate; one source is"Sejarah Melayu", and the author of this book is Tun Sri Lanang.
6)The following are factor for the existence and growth if Malaccan Sultanate in 15th and 16th century:
i) the role and intelligence of the ruler and administrator
ii) good location to east and west
iii)recognition by Chinese Empires towards Malaca
7. Sultan has several responsibilities:
i)leader of army
ii)religious head
iii)head of goverment
8. The government of Malacca was formed by parameswara
9. The colonization of Malacca by the Portuguese has resulted the following:
i) the changes in social and political system
ii) the rights of Malays in economic will be jeopardist
ii) Sultan of Malacca can rule the country if he got permission from

10. According to Malaysian history, Malaya was ruled for 466 years.
11. The following are the rule and regulation in Anglo-Dutch Treaty 1824:
i) The Dutch recognized Singapore as of British empire
ii) The hand over of Bengkulen in Sumatera to the Dutch by British
iii) The hand over of Malacca to the British by Dutch
12. British has ruled the longest in Malaya.
13. The Straits Settlements are Pulau Pinang, Malacca, Singapore
14. The Federated Malay states are Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembiran and Pahang.
15. The Unfederated Malay states are Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu
16. The Northern states are Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu
17. The Residential System was introduced in Malacca because British wanted to implement
the system of intervention
18. The Formation of Federated Malay states(FMS), was actually an idea from Sir Frank
19. The first Resident of Perak J.W.W. Brich.
20. The Residential System:
i) British Residents changed the ruling system in Malaya
ii) A Resident was a British represntative, who was given the power to take any
action to achieve British interest.
21. The person who was responsible for Al-Imam was Syed Syeikh Al-Hadi.
22. The first Governor of Malayan Union(MU) was Sir Edward Gent.
23. UMNO was formed the unite the Malays in order to compete with foreigner.
24. The Emergency in Malaya lasted from 1948-1960
25. The name of the coalition that first saw the cooperation between the Malays and the
non-Malays against the British rule in the Malaya is Putera-AMCJA
26. Dato Onn Jaafar Officially established UMNO on the 11th of May 1946.
John Thivy
27. Malayan Indian Congress(MIC) was established on 8th Agust 1946 and its first President
was John Thivy
28. Below are the factors that stirred up the spirit of Merdeka's struggle:
i) British's defeat in Malaya
ii) Lessons from experience during Japanese rule
iii) Opposition towards Malayan Union
iv) Rights and Positions of the Malay rules
29. Malaya achieved its Independence on 31th August 1957.
30. The Federation of Malaysia formed on the 16th September 1963 includes the federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. Burnei was a potential member of Mlaysia backs out at the last month
31. The Federation of Malaysia established on 16th September 1963 comprises 14 states.
32. Election is held in Malaysia every 5 years once.
33. Federation Lists, States Lists & Joint Lists are refers to the lists of power separation between the federal government and the state government. The above concept can be regarded as a rule in the form of federation.
34. JalurGemilang is the name of the Malaysian Flag.
35. Singapore withdrew from the Federation of Malaysia in the year 1965.
36. The term "Malays"According to the Federal constitution of Malaysia must fulfill three criteria: Speaking Malay, Following Malay customs, Embrace The Islamic religious faith.
37. Approval letter or "River Letter"issued to a headman(kangcu)by the Malay ruler of Johore.
38. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism are important systems of beliefs and religions in Malaysia.
39. National Intergration mean a form of cultural intergratinon in the process of creating a multi racial society but maintaining individual identity.
40. The eligible age to vote in Malaysia is 21 years old.


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