Monday, July 9, 2007

13th Malaysian Secondary School Marching Band Competition 2007

I just went to the Putra Staduim to watch the Marching Band Competition last Sunday, some of my friends come from Cameron Highlands, they're coming here to watch the competition too.

Look at the two guys behind us...they look like do not like us to taking picture in front of them zzz

Yi Heng and me....we long time no see liao...


At first, thought this performence will be quite boring for me...but, you know what...when the performence started, I really really get shock and high....It's just like I was watching a Live football match at somewhere stadium...It is absolutely Fantasy !!!! If you are here with us, I am sure that you will Shout loundly!!!!and say Walau Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Actaully I have recorded a video clip for this competition...but unfortunately, youtube seems like got some problems....I cant upload my video clip right now....

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