Saturday, June 16, 2007

How to make Spaghetti

Is is very easy to make a tasty spaghetti if u follow these steps below...

1)First, prepare the ingredients:some pasta of spaghetti, Prego sauce, a hot dog, four Taiwan sausages, an onion, a few cloves of garlic.

2)Clean up onion and garlic by water, and chop them into small pieces.

3)Cut the hot dog and mix it with taiwan sausages

4)After that, pour water into a big bowl and cook it about4 minutes(big fire), put in the pasta into the bowl, set it aside for 13 minutes(middle fire), and add some salt as well...

5) Next, pour a little oil into a Chinese bowl, turn on the gas burner set it as small fire, and cook it one minute(small fire) then pour those slices onion and garlic in, cook them a moments.

6)When the slices of onion and garlic become gold yellow in color, then faster put in the mixture of sausages, cook them a few minutes. after that pour some spaghetti sauce and mix them as well, remember that always set the gas burner small fire...

Finally, put the spaghetti sauce with mixture on the pasta, enjoy this delicious meal with your family and friends.

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