Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dell XPS 720 H2C

Wow!!! Dell finally comes out with a cool product. This is the XPS edition created for those crazy gamers, it contains various high tech hardware. I only can say that it is f*cking cool!!!

Perfect Vision

The XPS 720 H2C is built on NVIDIA® ’s nForceTM 680i SLI chipset, giving you the flexibility to load your system with dual high-performance NIVIDIA or ATI® graphics cards. To support the additional power draw, the XPS 720 H2C includes a 1kW power supply, giving you the juice you need for a full-throttle graphics experience. For maximum effect, your XPS 720 H2C features the world’s first DirectX® 10 GPU – the NVIDIA GeForceTM 8800 GTX

Innovative H2C Cooling
The Dell XPS 720 H2C Edition offers an innovative, two-stage cooling system that helps keep your processor cool, even when it's overclocked. The H2C hybrid solution combines a liquid radiator, a thermoelectric cooling module and control circuitry, optimizing CPU cooling with minimal power consumption. The result is a processor that stays cool when it's overclocked.

More detail....
  • Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor QX6700 at 2.66GHz (factory overclocked(1) to 3.46GHz) combined with nVIDIA nForce 680i SLi MCP (D)**
  • Dell H2C thermo-electric/liquid cooling system
  • 2GB 800MHz Corsair DOMINATOR DDR2 memory featuring EPP (factory overclocked(1) to 1066MHz)
  • SLI-enabled dual 768MB nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards
  • Dual 160GB(3) SATA 3GB/s 10,000RPM hard drives that support RAID 0, 1 0+1(4) and 5(4)
  • 2X Blu-ray disc drive
  • Sound Blaster(TM) X-Fi(TM) XtremeMusic (D)** sound card
  • 24-inch UltraSharp(TM) 2407FPW widescreen digital display with Dell AS501 10-watt flat panel speakers
  • Choice of Microsoft® Windows Vista(TM) Home Premium or Windows XP Media Center
  • 2.44mm-thick aluminum case with high gloss Piano Black paint and 1KW power supply
  • One year At Home(5) limited warranty(6) service and support


Anonymous said...

Hi Darren

Thanks for the positive feedback on the new XPS. Glad to hear you like it...and think its cool. More to come soon ;-)

Darren said...

Thanks for your comment,ya it is pretty cool!!! But unfortunately, I cant afford to buy this fellow,it costs me about usd5000